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    How Come Marijuana Takes Longer To Leave The Body Than Other Drugs?


A couple of factors influence the time that marijuana will stay in your body.  The amount of marijuana that you have ingested and the length of time that you have been ingesting marijuana are an important aspect.  Simply put the more marijuana that you have been ingesting and the longer that you have been smoking or eating it, the longer that the marijuana will stay in your body.   

The other factor concerns the make-up of marijuana.  When marijuana is used, it breaks down in the body and results in metabolites, which are fat-soluble and become lodged in fat cells and body organs.  Unlike water soluble drugs which can be passed out of the body more readily, marijuana metabolites become lodged in body fat cells and will take anywhere from a few days to three months to pass from the body, depending on the use of marijuana. 

Since fat cells are used for the energy that they contain, the body will hang onto its fat cells even if the fat cells contain marijuana metabolites.  Fat cells are "burned" for energy and if you can perform "fat burning" exercises, you will help eliminate the contents of some of those fat cells through sweat.

It will take longer for an overweight person to lose marijuana metabolites since their fat cells will contain more volume that must be emptied to rid the body of the metabolites in the fat cells.  Another way to empty or metabolize the fat cells is through a restrictive diet or a short term fast.  Exercise will help speed up metabolism so that elimination will be speedier.   

The marijuana metabolites contained in the fat cells or body organs will no longer have an effect on the body and will not cause the person to feel "high.  Instead, these annoying metabolites can have a disastrous effect on your drug test if they are not dealt with beforehand.   

Since marijuana metabolites are fat-soluble, you can see why the proof of marijuana use will stay in the body longer than water-soluble drugs.  You can take action against the metabolites that are stored in your body fat by adopting a healthy lifestyle and when necessary, by using the strategies that others have used to influence the results of a drug test in your favor.  Become informed about what action you can take so that you are ready if you have to take a drug test.