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                        Why Would An Employer Do A Background Check On You ?


As either a potential employee or a current employee, you could be subject to a background check if the employer feels that it is necessary.  All it can take is a suspicion for such an employer to want to check on you.  Not all employers will perform a background check on you.  Employers will do different background checks on people depending on what the job position is. 

It has become easier for employers to have background checks done.  The Internet and computers enable the storage of information to be a breeze.  Such information can be retrieved with much less cost or fuss as in former times before the widespread use of the Internet, computers and databases.  Even executives, directors and other leaders in the corporate world can be subject to background checks.

Employers are worried about negligent hiring lawsuits.  Employers want to avoid being liable for an employer who could be trouble.  Not as many employers are content to use their own judgment only for determining the suitability of employees.  As a back up measure, employers are turning to background checks to fill in the blanks. 

In cases where the employee may be working with the elderly, children or disabled people, state and federal laws require background checks.  Almost every state requires criminal record checks for all employees, volunteers or organization participants that will work with children.  Some jobs require greater investigation than other jobs.  State officials can use the National Crime Information Center database for in-depth investigations as necessary.

Employers may decide to perform background checks on employers in what could seem like a spur of the moment decision.  It could be that current news events have the employer wary about the doings of their employees.  Perhaps, there has been a rise in drug use and crime in the area, which makes the employer insistent on checking on potential or current employees.  

Since the World Trade Center fell on September 11, 2001, security and identification policy has become stronger.  The heightened atmosphere has affected the rate at which employers check backgrounds.  More employers have been performing checks on potential and current employers since that time.

An employer does background checks to protect their clients, business and reputation.  In some cases, background checks make perfect sense while in other situations, such as those prompted by the irrational fears of a spooked employer, the reasons are not so apparent.   Background checks are legal and should be considered as part of the workplace landscape now.