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      I Just Smoked A Little Bit And My Test Is A Few Weeks Away, Will I Fail?

Are you a light smoker of marijuana and you just found out that your drug test is a few weeks away?  This is the best scenario to have if you have smoked or eaten marijuana recently and you want to pass a drug test.  If this is your case, do not smoke or eat any more marijuana before your urine drug test.  If your drug test is still a couple of weeks away, you have a good chance of passing your drug test if you smoked a tiny bit of marijuana recently.   

The longer away that your drug test is from the present moment, your chances are even better.  Since marijuana metabolites can be detected in the urine for between 2 - 13 days, your body will have enough time to eliminate the suspicious metabolites within a few weeks time.  Since the marijuana metabolites are fat soluble, they are stored in fat cells and body organs.   

You can help flush the fat cells by drinking plenty of fluids, eating fibrous foods, and exercising regularly.  These actions will help speed up your metabolism.  Adopting these measures will not only make you healthier, they will help remove traces of marijuana use.  By taking care of your health, you will remove traces of marijuana from your body faster.  

If you were a heavy marijuana smoker who smoked marijuana, frequently everyday then your fat cells would have more marijuana metabolites to eliminate from these fat cells and the marijuana metabolites will exit your body quickly in comparison to elimination time for a heavy user.  If you have smoked a tiny bit of marijuana regularly for a long time, you will have been accumulating marijuana metabolites for a longer period so there will be more metabolites in your fat cells.  In this case, you should adopt a detoxification diet for a few days to speed up the elimination of the metabolites from your body.  Exercise will burn fat cells and speed up your metabolism. 

If you only smoke a little bit of marijuana and your drug test is still a few weeks away, quit smoking the marijuana until your drug test is over.  You have the best chances of passing your drug test if you quit smoking marijuana immediately.  You could gain peace of mind by trying out some home drug tests and using proven strategies that will help you to eliminate the marijuana metabolites from your body or mask them temporarily.