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                                                 What Should I Do If I Fail My Drug Test?

If you have failed a drug test, you should begin to prepare for the consequences.  Depending on your situation, the consequences will be different for everybody.  You should check your company's, the military's or the legal system's policy for failed drug tests so that you are informed of all consequences before a possible failure of a drug test.   

If you have been given a drug test as a pre-employment screen method and you failed, you will probably not be hired by that company.  Drug tests are given to screen out future problem employees who may miss more work or make mistakes because of drug use.   

If you are given a random drug test by your current employer and you fail, you will suffer the consequences that the employer uses as a policy in that case.  It could mean an immediate loss of your job.   

If you are in the military and fail a drug test, it could be the reason for immediate dismissal.  Such a dismissal known called an other than honorable discharge could stay on your record and prevent you from joining the military again in the future.  The military has a no tolerance policy as far as drugs are concerned.   

When you are involved with the legal system and fail a drug test, the consequences can be more serious than losing your job, even though that is a scary thought for many people.  If you are on probation, your freedom is dependent on living drug free, and you fail a drug test, it could mean that you are jailed immediately when the results are given.  

At some places of employment where safety or security are not such an issue or with the military, it is sometimes possible to admit the drug use and that you have a problem and hope that the consequences will be lighter when you are truthful.  Do rely on this slim chance of a positive outcome based on your confessions about drug use and if possible, learn about any strategies that have helped in similar situations. 

A failed drug test can affect your future and you can lessen the effects if you are prepared by being forewarned.  If there are any conditions in your life that require you to be drug free, you risk being in a loss in that situation.  Do yourself a favor and learn about any drug testing policies that may affect your future happiness.  That way, you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of drug use against the real consequences of a failed drug test.