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                                                                       Urine Drug Testing


From the comfort of your own home, to applying for a corporate job, to participate in the Olympics, or even to get a “title reign” in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), there are a lot of different environments that incorporate a drug test and the most common method of doing so is urine drug testing.

urine drugsA survey suggested that 81% of all corporations surveyed admitted to at one time, issuing a urine drug test on their employees, or using it as a pre employment test. A good amount of these corporations also issue scheduled or random drug tests on a regular basis.

While some people may look at it as an insult, or a pain in the ass, a company that participates in urine drug testing is just looking out for the safety of them, the person getting tested, and everyone else in the work environment. People who are using drugs are more prone to work place accidents and also have more short term and long term health related issues as well – meaning more sick days and money taken for hospital visits. Estimates have been made to give a good guess of an average of $7, 000 a year being lost for every drug using employee – making investing a few dollars for urine drug testing worth it in the long run.

On the other side of things, you could be wondering if your kid is using drugs, and the first step to getting them off is to find out, you could be about to get pushed into the main event bracket in the WWE but they will need to confirm you are a suitable role model (they normally test for steroids but in the case of “Rob Van Dam”, he ended up getting suspended for using marijuana), and to save the best for last, you could be participating in the Olympics, and the Olympics is fair game so they make sure no one has the slightest advantage.

Even though there are other types of drug tests like the hair follicle test, blood test, and saliva test, this article is based on the practice of urine drug testing, how it works, and how people can cheat through it.

First off, you can buy urine test kits for about $10-30 each. This would be considered a mediocre price, while the hair follicle test can hit $100 in some cases, and the saliva test can hit $1, it is the one that would meet in the middle. For random testing, it is not as popular, but for the most part, it is used as a pre employment drug screening process.

The second thing you would want to compare is the accuracy. While hair follicle tests are a bit more accurate, they are meant for looking at weeks and months in the past, are more expensive, and need to get sent to a lab for review. With urine drug testing, it just looks for the recent use, in some cases within a few days, but in most within a week or two, the kits are rather cheap, and the results are almost instant.

urine drug testingThe main downfall with urine drug testing would be that the results can be tricked. With hair follicle, blood, and saliva tests, it is obviously a lot harder for someone to trick the tester but with urine tests, it is rather easy.

One of the most popular methods of passing a urine test unnaturally would be to use fake urine, synthetic urine, or to use someone else’s urine. The fact that most urine test samples are collected in a private area for the person getting tested is a huge advantage if they have reason to believe they will not pass the test. All they have to do is pull the bottle or package out of their pocket, whether it’s powder urine (just add water), a bottle of a friends’ urine who does not use drugs, or whatever it may be, there are a lot of ways to go about using other urine besides your own.
Urine Cleanser

The less popular and known of ways is to use a urine cleanser product. These usually come mixed together as a drink and are usually only available for purchase online. The cost for enough to cleanse you is usually about $25-50 but will vary for each web site. You may be wondering if these work, and for the most part they do but there are other things that need to be done in the meantime. In most cases, at least for marijuana and hashish (THC), it only takes a few hours for the product to fully cleanse you, but you have to drink a lot of water and urinate frequently in the meantime.

A urine cleanser would work out perfectly as long as it is taken the night before at least so the urine has a chance to come back to a normal non-diluted color.

The urine drug testing kits are the most used method of finding out if someone is or has been using drugs recently. While it may be a little costly, and for a random testing, a saliva test may be preferred, a urine test really does work out for those employers or doctors who have regular scheduled tests for their employees or patients.

The fact that everyone knows what a “piss test” is will definitely assure you that it is most likely to be the type of drug test you would perform in. As far as it goes with work place testing, it would be suggested that you do not notify the employees ahead of time as they will have a chance to prepare for the test.

While most of the time, drugs will only last in your urine for a few days, here is a chart below to give you a more accurate idea of the time line:

  • Alcohol: one to five days
  • Amphetamines (not Meth): one to three days
  • Methamphetamine: three to five days
  • Barbiturates (not Phenobarbital): two to three days
  • Phenobarbital: two to three weeks
  • Benzodiazepines: temporary user –two to three days / heavy user – four to six weeks
  • Marijuana: one time use – one day to a week / used once a week – three to ten days / used heavily – one to four weeks
  • Cocaine: two to five days Codeine: one day
  • Morphine: two days
  • Heroin: two to five days
  • LSD: one to three days
  • Methadone: two to four days
  • PCP: one time use – three days to a week / heavy use – up to thirty days