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                                                                         Non - Drug Solutions


For centuries now, the problems arising from the abuse of drugs, both naturally occurring and synthetically made, are slowly and constantly increasing. Drug addiction is the 21st centuryís major problem which needs to be focused on and necessary steps taken to keep this problem checked and in place. Drugs are being seen as the latest trend in fashion and a major part of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Everyday countless number of youngsters falls into drugs, many never to return to a normal life and few never to live. Many people donít see drugs as what it really is, death!!!

Drug addictions can be treated by many different ways. The methods of treating this grim reaper of our modern age vary hugely. Most methods involve the use of many kinds of medications to get the junkie unhooked from the addiction and try to get them to lead a normal life or the resemblance of something of that sort. Most drug addicts have a world of their own in their little heads, where they feel that they can do anything, thanks to the effects of the drugs they taken. There are also other solutions for this problem involving non-drug remedies.

Mostly all drugs have the same effects, only the type of the effects and the duration for which they stick around differs. The most common effects of drugs are depression, anxiety, radical changes in behavior, insomnia and weight loss are but a few to be said. There are many new methods being practiced to rope out a person from their addictions and help them in giving them their life back. Most of them involve therapies that do not use the intake of medications and only certain other revolutionary methods. And most of them show astounding results at the end.

Behavior therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is being widely practiced to treat depression and anxiety disorders. This is one of the newest forms of therapies being used to treat a wide range of disorders of the present era. According to behavior therapists a personís psychological matters can be scientifically studied by close observations of a personís overt behaviors. According to them discussing internal metal states is not of priority. They believe that the only way to improve the internal state of a person is by manipulation the environment around him.

no to drugsAccording to behavior therapists, the root of a personís problems can be pretty easily located by following the problems in their behavior. Behavior therapy has been around since 1953. Operant conditioning is like the bank bone of behavior therapy. It involves using consequences to modify the occurrence and form of a personís behavior. Behavior therapy is based on core interventions on functional analysis. Technically speaking behavior therapy is base on the data received, analyzes bidirectional interactions and treats the person as one unit rather than seeing him as a body-soul dualism. Most importantly behavior therapy is interested in the effects and consequences a behavior ultimately has.

The other type of psychotherapy is cognitive therapy; it was developed in the United States of America. This is a therapeutic approach within Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. This kind of therapy can be defined as a therapy that seeks to help drug addicts overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking, behavior and emotional responses. This therapy is based on the collaboration between the therapist and the addict by testing and modifying the beliefs, relating to others in different ways and thereby changing their behaviors. Basically cognitive therapy may consist of testing the assumptions an addict makes by identifying how certain of his usually unquestionable distorted thoughts are unrealistic and unhelpful.

Cognitive therapy is considered the best way to treat depression in drug addicts. According to the developer of cognitive therapy drug addicts are depressed people who feel the way they do because their thinking is biased towards negative interpretations. According to him people become depressed because they are rejected by other people, loss of a parent, criticism from teachers or parents and other down falls in ones life. The main reason that people get depressed is because they go on thinking that they arenít doing a good job, it is only because of this negative feels that people are usually depressed. All this can be easily changed by using the cognitive therapy.

Massage therapy is one of the therapies that no one will ever think that works in treating drug addicts. Yes, massage therapy has been doing wonders in healing people in a wide range of ailments for centuries now. It is usually believed that massage therapy only relieves body pain. But unknown to many massage therapy is very good to treat anxiety and depression. The benefits donít stop there; it is also known to temporarily reduce the blood pressure and heart rate thereby reducing the anxiety in a drug addict.

Massage therapy is known to have magical effects on the central and peripheral nervous in addition to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy involves manipulating the personís body with pressure resulting in benefits of unbelievable proportions. Massage therapy not only caters to the ailments of the physical body but also the mind of a person thereby ridding a person of depression suffering from drug addiction. Anxiety is the drug addictís first enemy, and to destroy that massage therapy does a better job than medication. Massage therapy is slowly gaining grounds in the field of treating drug addicts to also get rid of the toxins in the personís body.

Comparing the results of treating drug addicts with medication and using non-drug solutions like behavior therapy, cognitive therapy and massage therapy to name just a few; the non-drug treatments have been medically proved to have shown better results. While involving non-drug methods to pull out a person who is addicted to drugs the side effects seen in methods using medication donít have to be worried about. Non-drug methods for curing a person of their addictions are always the best possible options to be taken.