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                                           How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test ?


Drug-addict employees are a big problem in the U.S as well as many other countries of the world. Employers, defense organizations and armed forces are always using drug tests to identify those who are habituated to drugs -such as marijuana. Read on to know whether or not you can pass a marijuana drug test.

What is Marijuana Drug Test?

It is a medical exam that is used by government agencies as well as several private organizations to detect employees who are taking drugs. Drug tests help employers find out which employee has been indulging in substance abuse. For employees, this generally involves passing a urine test.

Types of Marijuana Drug Test

As an employee, you might be subjected to one or more of the following tests:

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Hair test
  • Saliva test

Testing positive in any of these exams is likely to get you dismissed from your job/service.

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

Those who smoke weeds regularly look for ways to pass a marijuana test. Such tests are essential to pass when you are applying for a job, especially in the forces. However, passing a drug test is not easy. The amount of effort you have to make to mask traces of metabolites in your test results dampens the “high” you experience with usage of cannabis. Many people try a number of ways to beat tests and avoid getting detected of using drugs.

Some common techniques that are used to pass a weed test include:

Use of drug screening agents

Some companies sell products, such as herbal teas, that reportedly cleanse the system and clear all traces of drugs from the body. There is little proof about the efficacy of any of these agents. In most cases, even when they work, these products have to be used for a long time to eliminate all traces of THC from the system.

Liquid cleansing

This involves washing the system by drinking plenty of water or other liquids and passing urine a number of times before getting tested. Any people take Vitamin B-2 to add color to their urine. However, even this process is not fully effective in removing metabolites completely. The amount of THC-COOH may get lowered by diluting the urine. But the metabolite cannot be fully removed from the system.

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Diluting the urine can lower the level of urinary creatinine below normal. You are likely to be suspected and put through more advanced tests if your urine samples are found to contain low creatinine. You may counter this by taking protein-rich foods, such as red meat, to increase the level of the substance in your body.

Urine tampering

This includes adding something like salt or bleach to the urine to make the results confusing. However, such items can be easily detected in laboratory tests. Various companies have also claimed to bring out urine test adulterants. But none of these agents are fully effective in making the urine free from THC. These products can be detected in laboratory results, if separate tests are conducted.

Taking diuretics

Intake of diuretics, such as Midol, can increase the frequency of your urine discharge. Although these are safe to use and are readily available, it is unlikely that your urine would be cleared of THC traces.

Aspirin intake

As per some studies, aspirin interferes with EMIT drug test results and masks a few sections of the spectrum examined by urine tests. Some people recommend taking this drug 4-6 hours prior to the test. There are reports that the drug reduces signals of EMIT assay that is used in tests. In some cases, this is found to result in false or negative results.

Taking poppy seeds

Intake of poppy seeds a few hours prior to tests is also known to cause negative results for drug-users. If you test positive, you may lie that you had a couple of poppy seed-muffins in the morning. However, hair analysis (according to lab technicians) can differentiate between poppy seed-ingestion and opiate abuse.

Working out

Intense work-outs can help burn THC-COOH, stored in the form of fat, in your body. High physical activity can burn fat and release metabolites into the urine and blood. Frequent urination, made possible with diuretics, can help eject the substance out of your body. However, you need to stop workouts to stop burning fat and releasing THC into your urine 48 hours before the test. Failing to do this would increase your likelihood of failing the test.

Can You Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

As of now, there are no definite ways or products that can help you pass a marijuana test. If you have smoked weed recently, you are likely to fail the test. This is particularly applicable if you are a frequent or prolonged user of cannabis. There is no way you can beat the test and avoid getting detected. Use of drug masking substances, such as those mentioned above, may further jeopardize things for you. If you test positive, you might be simply fired and thrown out of your organization.

Your employer is not bound by law to give you a notice in advance as it opposes the very idea of conducting the test. Due to this reason, there is little you can do to prepare beforehand to avoid testing positive in the drug exam. Even with advanced notice, you are not likely to be informed weeks or months before the test is conducted. Marijuana Drug Test can detect the presence of cannabis in your system for several days to weeks. The test results depend on various factors like:

  • Type of drug
  • Frequency of use
  • Type of sample
  • Type of test
  • Your metabolism

If you know that your organization conducts routine tests to detect marijuana users, kick your habit of smoking weed now. Taking the drug on a regular basis, or even after long gaps, is not likely to help you retain your job. Your cover will be exposed and your employer is likely to terminate your services at short notice. Naturally, abstinence makes the best sense where drug test is concerned.