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                                                       Holistic Treatment For Drug Addicts


Drug addiction is a state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drug (natural or synthetic). That is how the World Health Organization Expert Committee on addiction producing drugs defines drug addiction. Drug addiction is one of the gravest dangers threatening the lives of mankind in this era. It has claimed the lives of several people mostly youngsters who start doping for the fun of it. Drug addiction has even taken the lives of countless number of famous people including musicians, painters, writers, actors, supermodels, film directors, poets, sportsmen and politicians just to name a few.

There are a wide range of drugs that are being used all over the world these days. Heroin, marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy and morphine are a very few of the commonly used drugs which have their very own range of effects. All these drugs enter the human body in many different routes and reach the blood stream, but they have one and the same destination, the brain. In the brain, they start doing what they do best by creating havoc and making the users get the feeling that they need the drug, thereby creating an addiction to the drugs.

There are very many ways to treat drug addiction, but holistic treatments are better as they treat not only the body, but also the mind and soul. The complete way to treat drug addiction is by means of holistic methods. Holistic treatments include a whole range of treatments, which rid the toxins in the body that in the first place created the addict. The holistic methods start with giving the body the right diet with less carbs and more proteins, the menu being created by registered nutritionists of the finest kind. After all, only a healthy body can create a healthy mind.

The physical illness seen in drug addicts may not necessarily be caused by physical problems, its roots maybe deep in something of greater imbalance in the human system. A holistic method for treating such cases can well be defined as a “wholistic” approach to solving the problem at hand unlike traditional methods where treating the symptoms rather than the cause is common. Holistic healing is a new approach to treating the problems in drug addicts where the body-mind-soul connection is taken to a whole new level to achieve wellness and maintain it. Taking holistic measures to treat someone involve seeking and finding the personal power deep inside a person.

The holistic techniques involved are used to recognize and locate the causes of the physical issues and mental ones as well. It helps to solve the problems which may be caused by a highly unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, or too little sleep, all of which are commonly seen in drug addicts. For being treated and healed holistically, a complete evaluation of the person is quiet important, as holistic treatments involve “completely” treating a person and complete healing. The major motive of using holistic methods for treating drug addicts is to ensure that the person can reach within himself and find wholeness within him and see the importance of life.

Then come in the psychiatrists. Their job is to ensure that the body and the mind are whole as one. Detoxification of the body is very important for a person to take the first step to rid themselves of their craving for the life taking drugs. This is made possible by making a schedule which has the right balance of hours at the gym and if necessary other physical exercises like karate. Most importantly the addicts will also be taught meditation techniques and yoga will be mandatory. A sound mind is very essential to be on the road to recovery.

The best part of holistic treatments is the full body therapeutic massage which sometimes may also include acupuncture. A massage as most of us know is done to relax the muscles of the body, but massages have greater benefits than that. Medical research has proved that the benefits of massages include pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression and temporarily reduced blood pressure and heart rate. As drug addicts have a big problem with depression and anxiety, massages will surely do the trick and bring them one step closer to becoming a complete rehabilitated person.

The psychologists play a vital role in pulling the drug addicts out of the dark and help them to face the reality in life and promise them that a normal life for them is possible with the right kind of help. Holistic treatments involve lots of one-on-one time with professional psychologists who hold master degrees and much more in their particular fields of specialization. The psychologists do a fantastic job in ensuring that the recovery process is a success. Without the psychologists, following the drug addicts’ improvements in ways other than medical ones would be impossible.

Being addicted to drugs depletes the neural transmitters. The list of missing elements in the particular person’s system is diagnosed by a number of analyses. This requires a tailor made formula with vitamins, amino acids and minerals that will compensate the body with the much needed requirements making the body whole again slowly. The hair analyses reveal the deficiencies in a person in addition elements in excess in the body as well. It also gives a well detailed list of the heavy metals in the system. Armed with these details a custom made supplement will be able to balance the chemistry of the body showing improvements of the well being and health.

Using holistic treatment in delivering drug addicts out of their cursed lives is the best way to give a new life to those poor souls. The only way to make drug addicts see the light and follow it to start a new beginning is best done the holistic way. Other normal treatments only treat the body, not the mind or the soul. Holistic techniques treat the body-mind-soul connection and ensure the drug addicts have a whole recovery.