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         Will Certain Foods And Drinks Help Remove Marijuana From My Body?


It is possible to help eliminate marijuana from your body faster through the strategic use of foods and drinks.  What that really means is that you should adopt a fast type of diet for a few days to jumpstart the elimination of drugs from your body.  This will help you if you are scheduled for a urine test although you should not depend entirely on this method since it is not guaranteed to help eliminate toxins from your body in every case.   

What is tricky about eliminating marijuana metabolites from your body is the fact that these metabolites are fat-soluble and your body will store them in body fat.  To empty out these fat cells, you will need to go on a restrictive diet for a few days.  Unless you are in an exercise routine, it is recommended that you do not exercise during the period that you are fasting because you will tire easily.  Even if you do exercise regularly, you should stop during the fast for the same reason.   

You should not fast for more than one or two days if you can stand it.  Fasting is hard on a body and should not be taken lightly.  During the fast, you are allowed as much simple liquids (water and teas made without milk) as you can drink comfortably.  In fact, you are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids since this will help flush out your body.   

You are also allowed to eat homemade vegetable soup at meal times.  Do not use any oil during the preparation of your vegetable soup.  Prepare the soup with your favorite vegetables.  The vegetable soup will provide fiber to your body which will help flush out drugs and fat.  You are not allowed to eat any fatty foods or foods prepared with oil since this will just add more fat to your fat cells, which you are trying to empty.   

If you perform this type of fast once or twice a month, you will help eliminate accumulated marijuana metabolites and other drugs from your body faster than if you had done nothing.  Although the fast diet is not a silver bullet that is guaranteed to help you to pass your drug test, it can reduce the amount of drugs in your body upon completion of the fast.   

The fast diet method of reducing the foods while upping the amount of drinks that are consumed could be more effective if the person ingests marijuana infrequently although it can be helpful in other cases by reducing the amount of drugs that are revealed in a drug test.   

If a fast is not for you, if you are not already eating a healthy diet with many fluids, then you should consider adopting a healthy diet with regular exercise into your lifestyle.  Maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of fiber will help eliminate toxins and drugs from the body.  The fluids will act to flush your body and regular exercise will speed up these processes.