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               What Is The Difference Between A Drug Test And A Drug Screen?

A drug screen may sound like it is the same as a drug test but it is not.  While both methods concern personal use of drugs, the similarity may confuse you if you do not understand the actual difference between the two procedures.  You must be aware of the difference between a drug screen and a drug test if you are going to pass either successfully. 

A drug screen will test specimens to detect the use of drugs.  A typical drug screen will test for a specific drug or drugs that have been used locally or for drugs that may have showed up in a person's previous full drug test.  A drug screen will produce quick results, most often on the same day as the test is taken.  Since drug screens will simply test for the presence of drugs, their results can give a positive answer for drugs even if the "drugs" are over the counter medications that have been taken for the right purposes.  This means it is possible to get screen positively for drugs yet not be involved in taking drugs recreationally.   

This is where the drug test differs from the drug screen.  A drug test will provide an in-depth analysis of the different drugs that may be found in your system.  The final analysis can pinpoint with great accuracy which specific drug or drugs that you are using or have used in the recent past.  It also takes longer to receive the results of the more in-depth drug test.  A drug test is also more costly for the person who orders the test.  This is why many employers or companies will use the drug screen before using a drug test.   

Urine, hair, blood, sweat, and saliva are used in both drug screens and drug tests.  These specimens will indicate drug use and depending on whether it is a drug screen or a drug test, these specimens can indicate what types of drugs are being or have been used in the person's recent past.  If a person passes a drug screen without having drug use detected from their specimen, the drug test is finished.  If the drug screen shows the presence of drug use, then a drug test is administered and upon the detection of drugs, the person suffers the consequences of having positive results on their drug test.   

It is important that you know the difference between a drug screen and a drug test so you are aware of how the procedure can proceed from a drug screen to an actual drug test.  Being aware is your best ally when it comes to drug screens, drug tests, and passing.