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                                                               What is Drug Testing For Marijuana?


Marijuana being the most commonly used drug of the century all over the world. It stays in a personís system longer than we can imagine. Marijuana is more likely to stay in the system for days, weeks or even an entire month after smoking it. This explains the need for drug testing. And that is especially true in the case of school children and teens.

marijuana plantThere are various types of drug testing available. They are broadly classified into two, namely, professional drug testing and home drug testing. As the name suggests, professional drug testing is done in an authorized laboratory by healthcare professionals. Home drug testing is one that can be done at home by parents or elders using a home drug testing kit. Whether to go for professional or home drug testing is determined by choice as well as the situation at hand.

Seeking a professional assessment is not a viable option for concerning parents. It is very expensive and it may also adversely affect the relationship between the parent and the child. The only solution to this is doing home drug testing. It has the advantage of being very convenient and inexpensive too. There are many home drug testing tools available that can be used judiciously to ensure that your children lead a healthy and safer lifestyle. To add to your convenience, many internet home drug testing kits are also available.

However, there is a debit side to this method. Drug testing may sometimes show false positive results. So, the parents should first have a discussion with their pediatrician and understand how to distinguish between positive and false positive results. Another thing to keep in mind is that parents should never coerce their children into home drug testing, which they might perceive as a violation of childrenís rights.

Marijuana is a drug that shows up in almost all of the bodily secretions. Testing for marijuana in urine is the most common way that is being practiced all over the world. Marijuana shows up in urine tests even up to a month after the user has stopped taking it. The urine test is considerably cheap, easy and very simple to administer. Urine drug tests are preferred by schools and employers alike as it detects any type of drug in the system and gives away the addicts. The urine drug test administered to marijuana users is also called urinalysis.

As soon as marijuana enters the system, it firstly finds its way to the bloodstream and stays there for a long time compared to other drugs. Although testing the blood for signs ofmarijuana weed marijuana is the most expensive method of detecting the presence of the drug in the body, it is also the most accurate method. Testing the blood for the presence of THC in it is not only cumbersome but also intrusive. The blood is bound to have some THC in it even if the test is done after a month because the half life of THC is much more than normal drugs.

The human body has a very good habit of storing the THC that enters the body in something which no one would expect, the hair follicle. Drug conducted on the hair will most certainly give away the culprits. Even if tests are conducted on the hair after a few months of using marijuana the THC will have been transferred from the hair follicles to the hair, which will show signs of marijuana abuse. The longer it stays in the system the test results will also show signs of being in the system for a longer period.

The simplest and easiest form of testing for marijuana is the oral testing method. It is less intrusive and is the cheapest form of testing available in the market. Thanks to these reasons oral marijuana testing rapidly gaining popularity and becoming the most used method in work places and schools. One of the major reasons that make this method the most preferred one is the fact that it cannot be adulterated. The other reason is that it the test can be conducted absolutely in any environment regardless of the place and time.

Drug tests to identify the presence of marijuana in the system of a person are vital in identifying the junkies at work and in schools to make it a better place to live in. With the number of people getting hooked on marijuana these days its tough to say who is on drugs and who isnít. The only way to find out for sure is with the help of marijuana testing kits which can be bought very easily and for very low prices. Schools are employing the same idea to catch kids on marijuana. The same can be said about employers who also periodically conduct drug tests on their employees.

Because marijuana doesnít cost much and is easily available these days, people who start the nasty habit of smoking marijuana or consuming it in any other way are increasing with every passing day. Marijuana is not only a hallucinogenic drug, but also a mass murderer that has been slaughtering millions all over the world for a long time now. Marijuana addicts are every where and they need to be identified and need to be separated from the normal population. And for that we need marijuana test kits.

Marijuana addicts need to be located and fast. Addiction to drugs is fast growing all around us and we need to be ready to nip them in the bud if they start springing up in our very homes. So marijuana testing kits need to be kept at home and continuous tests need to be done to monitor any changes in our homes, school and work places. With continuous tests the chances of reducing the number of marijuana addicts may be controlled and the death toll crediting to marijuana can be reduced. So, the more the tests, the more number of people can be saved from the jaws of death.