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                                                                          Drug Testing For Cocaine


Cocaine is one of the heavier drugs known to man. Not only can you end up in the gutter and have a terrible lifestyle (typical male: hits rock bottom financially, resorts to crime typical female: goes out with drug dealers, resorts to prostitution) but cocaine is one of the main drugs that can potentially end your life. While a single use of cocaine may not kill you physically, for the most part, anyone who uses cocaine once will have a craving for it in the future, whether they like it or not. Some avid users dont even like the high but the cravings are too strong to resist.

Cocaine is often referred to as the rich mans drug and no one can argue with the fact that AC/DC had quite a few rich parties in their day. All jokes aside, cocaine and crack addictions are by far very hard to kick, and almost as hard as a heroin or synthetic heroin addiction. If you are getting tested for cocaine, you are most likely either playing professional sports, about to get a good paying position in a huge company, at a treatment center for an extended stay, or need to continue taking your urine tests to get your carry outs at your local methadone clinic.

Especially for the later, those who are getting tested because they are on methadone, then you have serious reason to worry about failing the urine test. Some methadone clinic doctors are very strict and will actually take away your drinks from just one bad urine test. If you are at a high enough dosage, missing even one drink can do a lot of harm, and being cut off cold turkey could actually kill you.

No matter what your situation is, even if you are just a bookworm that would like to learn more about drug tests, then it is a good thing you stumbled upon this article. The main question at hand is definitely how long will crack or cocaine stay in my system? and this is a question which will be addressed now.

First off, there is no exact answer. The period of time that it takes for crack / cocaine to leave your system will vary on numerous factors. When urine gets reviewed for any trace of cocaine, the person will actually be looking for benzoylecgonime which is a metabolite of cocaine. This is because of the fact that cocaine is metabolized at too fast of a rate for a routine test.Therefore, the question is not how long crack or cocaine will stay in your system, but rather how long benzoylecgonine will stay in your system.

Benzoylecgonine can be located in urine samples for a long time frame from those who are repeat users and use crack / cocaine in high dosage levels. However, you have to keep in mind that there has to be an extensive amount of benzoylecgonine in your system to be considered that it was from crack / cocaine. The minimum amount of benzoylecgonine that needs to be discovered in a urine sample to assume that the cause is crack / cocaine is 300 nanograms to the millilitre, which adds up to 300 micrograms to the litre.

The actual level of nanograms that is in ones urine will vary depending on when the collection of the sample is performed. For instance, if the person getting tested takes the urine test as the first urination of the day, the urine would contain a much higher concentration compared to that of a sample taken later in the day. What is being measured is the drug metabolites, and the higher the concentration, the stronger the results show that you abused drugs.

Due to the fact that the urine concentration varies every time you urinate, you could have a positive result right after a negative result. A lot of people will drink more water than usual to dilute their urine before the urine test. A 24 hour sample would be ideal as it would cover the different concentration levels, but that would not really work in most environments. The best way to go about testing someone is to do it randomly so they have no chance to prepare for it.

The most common time period that it takes for benzoylecgonine to get out of your urinal system is around five days. Although, those who use crack / cocaine more frequently, which would be over half a gram per sitting would still end up testing positive for up to two weeks. Different studies will give different time frames which range from 10-22 days but the higher would obviously be for those who use extremely high amounts of cocaine or crack. These people are likely to be easy to pin point without a test anyways and will act a lot different than those who dont use it frequently, or dont use it at all.

If you really want to make sure that you passed a test and you have used cocaine or crack at least once in the last two weeks, the best way to cheat a urine test would be to either dilute your urine or use fake urine, synthetic urine, or someone elses urine. A cocaine addiction is something serious, and even if you only use it rarely, you should seek help because there is no such thing as a one time thing when it comes to heavy drugs.