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                                           Home Drug Testing Kits


Types Of Tests

  • Urine Test Kits
  • Hair Follicile Test Kits
  • Saliva Test Kits


Drug Specific Tests

  • Alcohol Test Kits
  • Amphetamine Test Kits
  • Barbiturate Test Kits
  • Benzodiazepine Test Kits
  • Cocaine Test Kits
  • Ecstasy Test Kits
  • Heroin Test Kits
  • Marijuana Test Kits
  • Oxycodone Test Kits
  • Steroid Test Kits (anabolic)
  • Tobacco And Nicotine Test Kits


Paneled Drug Tests

  • 5 Panel Drug Testing Kit - DIP
  • 5 Panel Drug Testing Kit - CUP
  • Saliva Drug Testing Kit - 6 Panel
  • 10 Panel Drug Testing Kit


When it comes to getting tested for drugs, there are a lot of ways that it can be done. Depending on why you are getting tested, you can get an idea of what kind of test it will be. For example, if you are a professional wrestler and need to get tested for drugs (but mostly steroids), you could assume that it would be no surprise if you have to complete a blood or hair follicle test regularly.

On the other hand, if you are working in a professional environment and are attempting to get a promotion to a big job position, depending on the specific type of job, there may be a need for you to pass a drug test as well.

You could be a teenager who has parents that are worried about you and they decided to buy a home drug test kit to see if you are using drugs – while this could ruin a relationship between the parent(s) and child, it may be essential to know if your son or daughter is facing a drug addiction, because finding out would be the first step to overcoming the addiction.

Drug tests are used to discover if a person is or has been using drugs within a specific time frame. Getting a sample of urine, hair, blood, saliva, sweat, or oral fluid will allow the person examining to find out if there is any presence of drug use or not.

Home drug testing kits are not essential kits that are just used in your private home, but rather just a term for drug testing kits that can be conducted by almost anybody. The beauty of home drug testing kits is the fact that anyone can collect a sample, but they obviously do have some downfalls as well.

You have to get a health care professional to collect a blood sample, so there are no legal blood drug test kits available to the general public, but for the most part, there is everything you could ask for.
There is the choice of getting a urine test which is pretty reliable, but if the person getting tested has reason to cheat, they are pretty capable of doing so, especially since the collection of the urine sample is done in private by the person getting tested. Urine test kits generally cost anywhere from $15 to $30, depending on where you buy it at.

There is the choice of getting a hair follicle test which is very accurate but will require you to send the sample to a laboratory to get the results. The requirements for collecting a hair follicle sample is that the hair is at least 1.5 inches away from the scalp and you need to collect a minimum of 50 hair strands. Chemicals from drugs that are taken get stored in your head and when your hair grows in, the chemicals actually become part of your hair.

There is the choice of a saliva drug test, which is not all that popular but is very efficient. The big downfall of a saliva drug test would be the fact that drug residue is usually only active in your saliva for 18 hours or a little more for the casual drug users.

The Main Advantages of Home Drug Testing Kits :

  • It saves the hassle of having to go to a clinic and in some cases avoids the difficulties of waiting for a report that could take months to arrive.
  • They are designed in a way that collecting and getting the results is not difficult
  • For the most part, the results are almost instant, and they are always really accurate (95-97% accuracy or so)
  • You can purchase home drug test kits online, or at some local stores
  • When ordered online, the kits are delivered straight to your door

When it comes to buying test kits, there are a lot of different kinds you can choose from and they are usually inexpensive. There are a lot of kits that you can purchase on eBay and other web sites that are specialized for this particular product.

Besides drug testing kits, some other common testing kits would include :

  • Alcohol testing
  • Nicotine testing
  • Oral drug testing
  • Pregnancy testing

Drug testing kits can be used for different ranges of people for different reasons. Here is an idea of the different types of environments that would use a drug testing kit and for what reason.

At Home: The home testing kits are super cheap, don’t take long to perform, and can be done by the tester and person getting tested in the comfort of your own home. You can keep the issue private, instead of going to a clinic or laboratory. Home drug testing kits would be most common for those parents who believe their child is using drugs regularly, or it could be a lack of trust between spouses as well.

Work Place: If you are an employer and need to get a drug testing kit to test one or more of your employees, one of the most important things would be the ability to screen the results easily without compromising the accuracy. Using testing kits in the work place will save the time and effort of going to a laboratory or clinic to get tested “professional” – time of which would be cutting out of their work hours.

Schools: While this would not be that common in high schools, at a college or university level, it may something that would be considered for the special cases of students who seem like they are under regular use of drugs.

Treatment Centers: When a long term patient (live in) at a treatment center is granted permission to go around town and catch some fresh air, there may be a little scepticism on whether or not that is all they are doing. If necessary, using a drug testing kit on a patient can help confirm that the patient is still walking a straight line.

Sports: In both the professional leagues and highly competitive league of college sports, testing for drug use is very common. Since a lot of athletes use drugs to enhance their performance, terminating any activity of that nature in a timely matter is essential to keep the sport as fair as possible.

From this article, you can now understand that any home drug testing kit can be purchased for a rather cheap price and is rather accurate. The majority of home kits are only urine testing kits but the results are provided almost instantly and urine tests are rather accurate when the person getting tested does not cheat. Drug testing kits are helpful in many environments, and is something that should be considered if you have reason to believe that someone you are affiliated with is using drugs.